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BluSEO is the world’s first load balanced cPanel-based cloud hosting provider started in the summer of 2010 by industry veteran of over a decade, Trey Gardner. SiteClould offers customers of all sizes the opportunity to be hosting on a platform that has solved issues most commonly found on single-server cPanel-based hosting providers for an astonishingly competitive price of $4.95 per month.

It’s important to understand why BluSEO links is different than other hosting providers. Most web hosts assign each client to a specific shared web server. When any client site on a specific server gets popular, it slows down all the other sites on that server and the web hosts generally ends up disabling the “offending” site — the one that got too popular — because it uses, says, more than 10% of the CPU.

BluSEO’s infrastructure, on contrary, is load balanced and pooled together to ensure that any client site can be served off multiple servers. This ensures there are always resources available to serve your web site fast and consistently despite the load being put on the system, either by your own or by someone else’s popular site.

The platform is proprietary to BluSEO and is unique on the market.

BluSEO offers awesome value for your money by offering you a very competitive price of $4.95 per month for their StormSite package. This package comes fully loaded with unlimited features such as disk space, bandwidth, e-mail addresses, forwarders, MySQL databases, hosted domains and tons more. As bonus features, you will also get a free domain for life, free site builder with over 800 templates to choose from, 24/7 technical support, marketing creditds and tons more.

BluSEO is very customer satisfaction oriented. They offer 24/7 North American based support via e-mail, live chat and telephone. The representatives are very knowledgeable and don’t give you the “run around” like other companies do. You’ll also gain access to a very extensive self-help section to get answers to common issues.

BluSEO uses cPanel/WHM to allow users to be able to manage their hosting accounts. You will be able to manage e-mail accounts, domain names, files, statistics, MySQL databases and more with the control panel. You’ll also get access to Softaculous, which you can install over 150 different scripts such as blogs, content management systems etc.

Whether you’re looking for a host for your simple web site or for your blog that gets large amounts of traffic, BluSEO will be able to grow with your demands.